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not every Ashtabula County barn has a barn quilt. Indeed, for many of our historical barns, the trail and effort to save our old barns and their stories have come too late.

 This page is dedicated to barns that have disappeared from our landscape but nevertheless played a role in the history and story of Ashtabula County. We’ve also included some of our extant barns that are in danger of being lost and have historical significance.

 Ashtabula_County octogon

Octagonal barn, Monroe Township

Directions: South on Route 7 from Conneaut. Look for white barn/Tarsitano Winery sign on right at Hatches Corner Road. Turn LEFT, east toward Pa. line. Barn will be on right.

This barn was built in 1876 and reflects that era’s interest in the octagonal structure. There are several octagonal homes in Ashtabula County, including one you can tour in Conneaut (Conneaut Historical Society). This is the only extant octagonal barn, however, there is an octagonal floral building at the Ashtabula County Fairgrounds in Jefferson.
This barn still has several panes of blue glass. The glass was used over clear glass, which often had bubbles in it, a manufacturing defect. The bubbles could focus the sunlight as a lens onto hay and ignite a fire.
This barn is on private property; please respect the rights of the owner.

Barn where Harpers Ferry Raid weapons were stored (lost barn)

This barn once stood in Wayne Township but was removed due to lack of maintenance. In the summer of 1859, children playing in the haymow discovered there several cases of weapons being stored for the Raid on Harpers Ferry by John Brown. Brown was a frequent visitor to this county and several of the men who would participate in the raid worked on Ashtabula County farms during the summer of 1859.

Photography on this page is by Carl E. Feather, The Feather Cottage Media.

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