No. 30, Gruber Vineyards



587 Route 534 South


From the Route 534 and Interstate 90 intersection, head south to destination, across from Kosicek Winery. Look for barn quilts on the doors of the building across the pond.


Artist Woodworks, Jeff and Rachael Scribben

Gruber Vineyards:

Ancestors of the owner, Ray Gruber, established a vineyard on this land in 1920. His ancestors were part of a migration of Slovenian families to Harpersfield Township. That migration came on the heels of Russian Orthodox Jews who moved to the area to grow vegetables, grapes and other fruit as part of a back-to-the-land movement within the ethnic group. That migration occurred in the late 1800s and continued into Prohibition, which reduced the market for grapes.

The Concord grapes grown on this farm are sold to and processed by Welch’s in New York. The vineyard also grows Niagara grapes for Ferrante’s.



Ashtabula County, Ohio, barn quilt trail with more than 100 quilts