Visit the barn quilts at the 2017 Fair

The Ashtabula County Barn Quilts Trail Steering Committee will have an exhibit, information and presentations in the Century Log Cabin during the 2017 Ashtabula County Fair, Aug. 8 to 13.

Volunteers, including barn quilt owners, will staff the building from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

The county’s barn quilt trail has grown rapidly since the first barn quilt went up on the Blakeslee Log Cabin Barn in Plymouth Township just 38 months ago. “We are closing in on having 100 barn quilts,” says trail co-founder and quilter Kathy McCarty. “We are an all-volunteer steering committee that is driven by a passion for giving tourists another reason to visit our county while beautifying our countryside.”

The barn quilts tell a story about a family, farm or business. One of the most stunning quilts on the trail symbolically tells the story of the Housel farm on Simon Road South. Another barn quilt, across the road, honors the late Chris Angerman, co-founder of the trail.

During the fair, Gary Tabor, a barn quilt artist from Williamsfield, will demonstrate the tracing, taping and painting techniques that are used to create a barn quilt.

“Painting a barn quilt is not difficult, but it does require some training in proper technique,” McCarty says. “We are grateful for Gary’s participation and willingness to share his knowledge with fairgoers.”

Visitors will be able to view the progression of making a quilt, thanks to Gary’s participation. He also is providing several barn quilt blanks in various stages of completion.

There will be photos of the county’s most stunning barns and barn quilts displayed in the log cabin, and a daily Power Point presentation at 5 p.m. will tell the story of the trail through pictures and discussion.

The Log Cabin is located in the rides area of the fairgrounds and near the east entrance. There are two barn quilts on the floral (octagonal) building, plus four agriculture-related barn quilts at the west entrance.

“We are thrilled to be part of the Ashtabula County Fair,” McCarty says. “Our presence was made possible through the dedication of Tracey Housel, a barn quilt owner, and the generosity of the Fair Board. The Barn Quilt Trail Steering Committee and the Fair Board share a common interest in promoting Ashtabula County’s agricultural community, and we look forward to being part of the county fair tradition this year.”


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