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No. Location / Photo Address Pattern Owner Comments
1 Blakeslee webBlakeslee Log Cabin barn 441 Seven Hills Road, Plymouth Township Log Cabin (variation) Ash. Co.
Historical Society
Mounted on barn built by students from the county’s vocational school, A-Tech.
2 United for AgriculturefoundersAshtabula County Farm BureauAshtabula County BQ 4H (1 of 1)

Ashtabula County 4-H

Ashtabula County BQ OSU (1 of 1)-2OSU Extension

Ashtabula County BQ FFA (1 of 1)

Future Farmers of America


Ashtabula County Fairgrounds Main Entrance.






Star within a Star




Custom design by Darian Gustafson, celebrate 4-H’s motto


Ohio Star with OSU logo


FFA Ohio

Farm Bureau
sponsored all four barn quilts
Mounted on concrete wall.
3 Ashtabula County mariner (23 of 1)Foral (white
octagonal) Building, Ashtabula County Fairgrounds
Ashtabula County Fairgrounds, Jefferson. Mariner’s Compass Barn Quilt Committee On one panel of the Octagonal floral building.
4 cbgardens2Covered Bridge Gardens 1681 Netcher Road, Jefferson Corn and Beans Mick & Kay Protchko No sales at this site
5 cope Cope Farm Equipment 4057 Route 307 West, Austinburg Twisting Star Cope Farm Equipment On building nearest highway.
6 artcenter2

Ashtabula Arts Center

2928 West 13th St., Ashtabula Joseph’s Coat Arts Center On posts, near sidewalk to Straw Hat Theater
7 loneeagle2

Kujanpaa Hangar

607 Forman Road, Austinburg Lone Eagle Jim & Donna Kujanpaa Hangar is south of home, to rear of property
8 maple2

Maple Gate Farm

1360 Griggs Road, Jefferson Maple Leaf (original) Joe & Cindy Nagy
9 moisioMoisio Homestead 1164 Overly Road, Jefferson Ohio Star Paul and Clara Moisio On granary building
10 rosequilt

Ramblin Rose
Alpaca Farm

6316 Root Road, Conneaut Ohio Rose Terry & Glenda Lowe Gift Shop on premises
11 AEC smallAshtabula County Antique Engine Club 4026 Route 322, Wayne Grandmother’s Flower Garden Engine Club On Dillon pavilion
12 burke 1

Burke Farm

1101 North Forman Road, Austinburg Township Spinning Wheel Gerald Burke On red barn
13 Hemlock

Hemlock Springs Golf Course

4654 Cork Cold Springs Road, Austinburg Township Fox and Geese Golf Course Maintenance building, east side of golf course
14 cold springs 2

Cold Springs Orchard

878 Mechanicsville Road, Austinburg Apple Basket Don and Lynn Frank On sales building

webOrth Residence

3151 College St., Austinburg Chekerboard arrangement of four quilts Alice Orth On workshop behind house

beachglass Conneaut Arts Center

1025 Buffalo St., Conneaut Beach Glass Arts Center Quilt is on back of main building, off Sandusky St. parking lot
17 springhill

The Winery at Spring Hill

6062 S. Ridge, Geneva Star within Variable Star Owners On main building of winery.
18 blueberry

Blueberry Knoll Farm

2349 Plymouth Gageville Road, Ashtabula Blueberry Knoll original Karla and Dennis Gadley Fresh blueberries in season!
19 carpenter2

Carpenter residence

2121 Plymouth Gageville Road, Ashtabula Double Windmill Tina and John Carpenter On west side of detached workshop/garage
20 bensonquilt

Graham Road Covered Bridge / Metropark

East of 4646 Graham Road, Pierpont Benson’s Bridge Committee On side of covered bridge in Metropark
21 The barn quilt pattern used by Lynn Moore is based upon a family quilt made by her grandmother.

Moore Farm


4963 Caine Road, Pierpont

Ellen’s Windmill Doug and Lynn Moore On metal farm building

Forinash Ohio Heritage Farm

8050 Depot Road, Ashtabula Twisting Star Peter Forinash On sales building
23 Saybrook Station at Ohio Heritage Farm is a former railroad passenger depot.Saybrook Station at Ohio Heritage Farm 8050 Depot Road, Ashtabula Buttercup Al & Jo-Ann Forinash Christmas shop is housed in former railroad depot
24 Bradish 2

Bradish Farm

2522 Adams Road, Kingsville Carpenter’s Wheel Frank and Pat Bradish On large white barn


Twigs and Crows

Route 7, north of Route 167 at Pierpont Center Fox Paws Wanda Williams On gift shop that sells country-themed items and antiques
26 burkholder1

Burkholder Farm

2677 State Route 46, south of Jefferson Crystal Star Don and Betty Burkholder Front of barn, just north of Tisch Road
27 ashcraft

Ash/Craft Garden Shoppe

5959 Green Road, Ashtabula (North Kingsville off of Route 20) Ohio Star Clients On front of sales area
28 D70_8544

First Church
of the Nazarene

1820 South Ridge Road (Route 84), west of Ashtabula Carpenter’s Wheel Church On garage, west side of church
29 Seifert

Seifert Barn

2871 Lampson Road, Austinburg (south of Route 307) Barn Raising Log Cabin Ted & Ginny Seifert On barn
30 gruber-small

Gruber Vineyards

597 Route 534
Concord Grapes Ray Gruber & family On steel barn behind pond
31 Ashtabula County Denmark Bridge (23 of 1)South Denmark Covered Bridge South Denmark Road, off Route 193, Denmark Township Seasons in Flight Ashtabula County Barn Quilt Steering Committee Faces bypass bridge
32 Four winds tumbnail Mechanicsville Covered Bridge South of Route 307 on Windsor-Mechanicsville Road, Austinburg Four Winds Ashtabula County Barn Quilt Steering Committee / Austinburg Township On south end of bridge, facing the bypass highway bridge
33 web quilt

McGuinness farm

(2 barn quilts, same pattern)

8392 Old Salt/Ridge Road, east of Route 193, off Route 322, Williamsfield Pinwheel Star Tom & Garri McGuinness On front of red barn, may be necessary to pull into drive to view. A second quilt in on a shed.
34 treefarm

Log Barn Tree Farm

8711 Stanhope-Kelloggsville Road, Williamsfield Pieced Christmas Tree Larry & Diane Stevens On front of log barn
35 ferrante quilt

Chalet DeBonne

7840 Doty Road, Madison (South River off Route 534) Biplane Debevc family On utility building west of winery
36 grandriver

Grand River Cellars

5750 S. Madison Road, Madison(Route 528 between I-90 and Thompson Grapes, freehand Lindberg/Debevc Front of winery, left side (not visible from highway)

pinto1 Pinto ParkPinto Farm 2 smaller

4141 South State Road, Ashtabula Freehand of Black Tie Affair trick horse (8×8);

Star quilt, 4×4

Jan Sharp Arena/stall barn front; a second, Tennesse Compass, will be added in late 2015.
38 Anderson small

Anderson residence

4424 State Route 322, Williamsfield Bicentennial Ohio Star Douglas & Dolly Anderson On side of garage
39 Kosicek

Kosicek Vineyards

636 State Route 534, Geneva Tony Kosicek Spring 2015 installation
40 bissellSugar Chalet Bissell Maple Farm
82 W. Jefferson St.
Custom, maple leaves Bissell Maple Farm, Inc. Located on building at retail entrance.
41 barn quilt winery with Q&Q

Old Firehouse Winery

5499 Lake Road East, GOTL Custom, volunteer firefighter Don Woodward On west side of building, off Route 531 (commercial district).
42 Nature 3 The Nature Conservancy 3568 Footville Richmond Road, Rock Creek Busy as a Beaver, original TNC On old barn of former dairy farm. Faces west.
43 Nature 1The Nature Conservancy Outdoor Education Center 3973 Callender Road, Rock Creek Lake Effect Snow TNC On barn at rear of property; some walking required to view quilt.

Simons Road 75Frank Weese farm

8213 Simons Road S., Williamsfield Township Ohio Star Variation Frank Weese On red barn at north end of mown property.

laneLane small 2

Katie Lane

227 Locust Dr., Conneaut Ohio Star,

Rainbow Star

Katie Lane Ohio Star is on the white fence at southwest corner of the house; Ohio State star on garage peak.
46 Brinker quilt-6

Jodi & Jason Brinker

1859 Route 45 North, Rock Creek Farm Life Jason & Jodi Brinker, who operate a working dairy farm at the location. Quilt is on front of dairy barn facing Route 45. Installed December 2015
47 Freedom Farm 1-4-3 Freedom Farm 2630 S. Ridge W., Ashtabula Freedom Farm Star September 2015 install
48 Ashtabula_County Ewing 3-1

Ted & Barbara Ewing

3233 E. Union Road, Lenox Township
Bold Star Ewing family; honors George and Josephine Ewing On barn
49 Betteridge small


1001 Middle Road, Conneaut log cabin/covered bridge custom Betteridge family Free-standing, 4X4 near road, south of Middle Road bridge

2 quilts

smolen thumb

Smolen Farm/Engineering

Jefferson Road, north of village Farmer’s Daughter
on barn;Ohio State custom design (4×4) on milkhouse
John Smolen Jr. family On barn behind Smolen Engineering (located in house) and on the milk house across the street.
51 Svobda quilt web small

Crescent Farm

4688 SR 45, Rome Follow the Drinking Gourd John & Mary Ellen Svoboda On front of barn facing Route 45
52 Tabor quilt smallTabor farm
& toy museum
8312 Simon Road S., Williamsfield Township Georgetown Circle Gary Tabor On toy museum (modern building)
53 Windhorse small

Windhorse farm

Simon Road South, Williamsfield Township Windhorse Dale and Meg Toukonen Horse farm barn
54 Zaebst quilt small

Zaebst-Marrison farm

5243 Day Road, Andover Bow tie Evelyn Zabest and Melvin Marrison On south end of barn’s wooden, square silo
55 Ocean Waves 3

GOTL Visitors Bureau

Route 531, The Strip, GOTL Ocean Waves Barn Quilt Steering Committee West side of Visitor’s Bureau office.
56 Giddings Regiment


Corner of Walnut and Elm streets, Ashtabula County Fairgrounds, Jefferson Giddings Regiment flag. Barn Quilt Steering Committee Installed on white octagonal building (floral building) on fairgrounds
57 Dubach / Swedenborg
dubach tree of life
3946 South Ridge W., Saybrook Township, south side of road Tree of Life CDC of Ashtabula County, Barn Quilt Steering Committee Front of bank barn on Route 84, West, Saybrook.
58 GVLib small webGrand Valley Public Library 1 North School St.,
Books R Us
Library On building
59 Brown garage

Garage of Brown residence

2000 Columbus Ave., Ashtabula Ohio Rose Star

Stenciled from custom stencils

Homeowner On garage peak
60 Gates small George Gates’ garden shed 680 Buffalo St., Conneaut Mariner’s Compass Homeowner On side of garden shed facing street
61 Blockhouse small

The Block House

5609 Lake Road E., Geneva on the Lake Tumbling Blocks Homeowner On front of cottage, facing Route 531
62 brants gallery

Brant’s Apple Orchard

4749 Dibble Road, Sheffield Township Apple a Day Business owner, Diehl family On sales building
63 Marr small

Marr Barn

6635 Fenkell Road
Peacock Pattern, original design Dawn Marr 4×4 on south side, center, of barn
64 Fenton Dresden plate small Fenton Stables 827 Footville Richmond Road, East, Jefferson Dresden Plate Melissa Fenton On peak of garage
65 Cathedral windows-1

Jefferson Historical Society

42 E. Jefferson St.
Cathedral Windows Society On posts in front of building

Cathedral windows-1-2

Joshua Giddings law office

Giddings Park
102 E. Jefferson St. Jefferson
Star and Crescent Ashtabula County Historical Society/ Ohio Rep. John Patterson, sponsor Installed on posts in front of building, former Episcopalian church

Jefferson Depot Village Jeff Depot quilt

147 E. Jefferson St.
Royal Star of Ohio Depot Society On back side of barn.


Hamilton Farms Dairy

2060 Lenox-New Lyme Road, Jefferson Carpenter’s Wheel Bill & Barbara Hamilton Thanksgiving, 2015

small whippy


4840 N. Broadway (Route 534),
Geneva (GOTL)
Soft Serve
Twist Cone
Ed Spoor family On south side of building.

Hale residence


3101 Lawton Ave.
Rock Creek
Centennial Barbara L. Hale On front of residence

Jefferson Village Hall

Jefferson Village small

27 East Jefferson St.,
Dresden Plate Village On posts in front of village hall

Geneva Community

Geneva 3

43 East Main Street, (Route 20) as approaching Route 534 intersection from east 16 various quilt patterns City of Geneva Mounted on side of building; largest barn quilt in Ohio.

Heard It Through the Grapevine B&B


4536 SR 307 E
4×4 family story quilt Tonia Varckette At end of long drive off Route 307, south side of road. Quilt is on carriage house/barn peak.

Inman residence


850 State Route 307 East, Jefferson Linked Hearts Pat Inman Front center, small barn

Geneva Township Park



Geneva Township Park Schoolhouse


Geneva Township Park Facing Route 531, side of century schoolhouse

route-6-palmer-smallPalmer Farm

2670 US Highway 6
Corn & Beans


Keith & JoAnn Palmer Front of barn,
facing Route 6


Conneaut High School

381 Mill St.

Mariner’s Compass

High School building front (Mill Street)

Lakeshore Primary School

755 Chestnut St.

Railroad Crossing

Front of Lakeshore
Primary School


Conneaut Middle School

230 Gateway Ave.

Tree of Life

Front of Conneaut Middle School

Gateway Elementary

229 Gateway Ave.

Corn & Beans

Front of Gateway Elementary School


Herb Garden School of Cooking and B&B

3699 Route 45 (S)

Patriotic Star

Chris Martello Barn

Hunt Barn


7045 County Line Road, Williamsfield 8X8

International Harvester

Don & Estonia Hunt West side of barn

Bear Creek

5504 State Road
Kingsville OH
4×4 Judy Smith Sliding door, smaller barn


1704 Chestnut St.
Austinburg OH
4×4 Gary & Christine Harrison Garage

Tracey Housel Farm

Simons Road South 8×8
(4 4×4’s)
Tracey Housel Square, wood silo

Andover Public Library

142 West Main (Route 6), Andover 8×8 Ohio Rose Library Side of building

Artistic Woodworks

Marcy Road at Route 7, Pierpont 12×12

Crossing Canoes

Jeff & Rachel Scribben Front of building (BQT headquarters)

Chris Angerman memorial quilt

Britton Road off Simons Road South 8×8


Barn Quilt Trail Steering Committee West side of red barn



Dr. Cecilia Duffy

1953 South Broadway, Geneva Healing Hands custom
Four Seasons and chiropractic Rear garage, facing south

Habitat for Humanity

Ashtabula Towne Square, Re-store, Route 20 E. County Fair


Habitat for Humanity Back side of mall, Re-store entrance

Johnson Residence


5045 Church St.
Mariner’s Compass


Raymond and Denise Johnson Front of garage (faces south)

Henderson Memorial Library

54 East Jefferson St., Jefferson Puzzle
Library Front of building, peak

Victorian Perambulator Museum


26 East Cedar, Jefferson Ohio Star with Dresden Plates,

4×4 on posts

Museum On posts in front of museum.

Janke garage

3341 Addison Road, Geneva 2-4x4s


Carpenter’s Star

Larry & June Janke Patriotic quilt on front of garage; Carpenter’s Star on north side of garage, visible from south approach

White Turkey Drive-In

388 East Main Road, Conneaut Custom Rose


White Turkey Drive-in On barn in customer eating area, behind diner

Runyan garage

4021 State Route 84,
Kingsville Township
Patriotic Block
Al & Kathy Runyan On front of garage.

Graham farm

Rock Creek International Harvester
Ted & Kim Graham

Finnish-American Heritage
Association Cultural Center and Museum

1330 West 8th
& Joseph Avenue,
Log Cabin
FAHA On front of log cultural center

Vietnam War Veterans Park


Across from 679 East Beech St.
Freedom Star
VFW Jefferson Post No. 333 On pavilion facing road, behind helicopter

Hamper Farm


Route 46 South
8X8 Michael Hamper family  As of April 2017, still awaiting installation.

Doll Farm


5612 Schrambling Road,
Pierpont Township
4×4 Ron Doll family